I’ve been honored to work with many great people. Below you’ll find recommendations from former managers, colleagues, and employees.

I have known Bob for many years, including over the long period where he effectively managed a large team at PMC Sierra, and drove an innovative and complex publishing solution to success. Subsequently, we asked Bob to help us out with a user guide for an application we were rolling out. Bob was professional, knowledgeable, effective, and helpful. Bob finished ahead of schedule, even including feedback to the UI team for the application. The customer was happy with his guide, and I was freed up for other pressing tasks. It was a win for us.

Lindsay Burrell, Technical Writer at PHEMI Systems

Bob was a great asset to PMC, his contribution and engagement were phenomenal. He is the type of manager that gets things done, very knowledgeable and self starter. He took on initiatives that made our Techwriter group a leading authority in their domain, always looking for ways to enhance the team’s tools and run a more efficient operation. Very dependable and good quality work is what we always expected and received from Bob and his team.

-Ra’ed Elmurib, Former Manager (now CEO, Shoof Technologies)

I worked with Bob for 10 years at PMC-Sierra. Bob is a highly proficient technical writer and an accomplished manager of technical writing organizations. In an environment where he and his team were often oversubscribed he always set clear expectations on deliverables and managed to those dates. He also successfully spearheaded a number of publication tool transitions during our tenure together. Bob’s expertise is broad including not just technical documents but also marketing publications such as white papers.

-Mark Orthodoxou, Director, Product Management & Strategy, Microsemi Corporation

Bob managed the team and the infrastructure that took the company’s documentation process from MS word, into a highly automated platform that kept up with the highest levels of demands and expectations. His team met every last minute request with quality and precision, with full level of attention to detail.

-Kaveh Afshari, Manager, System Applications at Microsemi

I am privileged to have worked with Bob Murray at PMC-Sierra / Microsemi Corporation. In addition to having excellent writing skills, Bob is a technically inclined Manager who is always thinking of improvements to existing document flows which has continually provided high value to our organization. A specific example of this is Bob’s recent enhancements to our document authoring and publishing methodology that allowed my team to generate no less than six large customer facing documents, in minimal time and with minimal effort. Bob is also easy to work with and is a very effective people manager who has a proven track record of making good use of his reports. I would recommend Bob to any organization in need of a strong manager who is equally adept at solving technical problems and managing a team.

-Alex Cochran, Manager, Product Development at Microsemi

When I consider those who have provided inspiration and mentorship to my career, Bob Murray is at the top of my list. I count myself fortunate to have been one of Bob’s ‘team’ and for the opportunities to watch his leadership in action…For PMC, Bob set a vision that was much broader than simply making sure customer content was produced, but instead improve how it was produced and digested, redefining the processes and systems to make this happen (for the company’s value) and output (for the end reader’s value). I watched Bob lead our group through times of both great success and challenge: setting vision, weighing risk and greater good, championing significant change throughout the organization, articulating ROI, all the while allowing creativity within his team to flourish, but refocusing when business priorities realigned, keeping flexible to move towards new opportunities.

-Tamara Bailey, Team Lead, Product Documentation Group, IWC&S at Change Healthcare

Simply put, Bob is the best manager I’ve ever had. Not only does he have a genuine vision for evolving technical communications, he excels at providing the kind of leadership that is critical to advancing any change initiative in a large, fast-moving organization. Bob’s management style is to partner closely with the business to understand their needs, and then to provide clear guidance and realistic objectives by collaborating with his team. Crucially, Bob does not micro-manage. He builds trust with his resources so that he can be confident that they will deliver what they say on a timeline that works. Bob is also genuine, outgoing, passionate about his work, and a great person to be in the trenches with.

-Kevin Eldred, Ph. D., Senior Program Manager – Learning, Engagement and Performance at Electronic Arts

I’ve reported to a lot of smart people during my career in tech, but Bob is the only legitimately visionary manager I’ve ever worked under. His ability to see not only how things should be best done now, but how they should be done ten years from now allows him to position his resources and people to maximize the return on time and money invested. In addition, Bob always had a clear understanding of PMC’s broad swath of products and where each fit in the company’s overall strategy, allowing us to focus on the products that mattered most.

Bob’s grasp of the emerging technologies surrounding XML and their role in delivering content in a complex environment are better than or equal to any of the popular speakers on the XML circuit, but his focus was always on delivering value, not just interesting innovation. His detailed understanding of how to manage people to maximize their potential allowed him to consistently build high-performance teams throughout the many shifts in the semiconductor business space.

We never did things the easy way at PMC; we engaged deeply, we thought hard, and we often ended up taking highly ambitious approaches; the freedom to do that came from Bob, and amazing things we built on his watch all come back to his leadership.

-Jeff Hooker, Technical Lead, Technical Publications at Microsemi