My Services

I’m Bob Murray. I’m a senior Vancouver technical writer, editor, and manager. I offer a full range of technical documentation services. I can:

  • create clear, concise technical documentation that meets your users’ needs, working at high speed to develop accurate, complete information to tight deadlines
  • help you to select the right tools and medium for the job, ensuring that content is developed quickly and efficiently and delivered in the form that makes the best sense for your organization and your customers
  • audit your existing content and determine your needs
  • create an information architecture and a content strategy, eliminating unnecessary and redundant information while streamlining and targeting your content models to address real business drivers
  • plan, schedule, and project manage your documentation deliverables to ensure the most efficient allocation of time and resources, always focused on addressing business needs and priorities
  • manage or project manage your technical writers, helping them to succeed and maximize their impact on your organization
  • create lean, efficient documentation processes that align with your engineering processes
  • manage the selection and roll-out of an XML-based Content Management System, with mass content reuse efficiencies

Technical documentation can be a strategic differentiator. Putting the right information into a customer’s hands at the right time helps them to use the product successfully. Without good documentation, some products are completely unusable. I can help with this. I provide excellent writing and editing skills combined with expert knowledge of tools and processes for development of technical documentation. With over twenty years of experience as a technical writer and as a manager of documentation teams in the high tech industry, I am excited by finding better ways to produce higher quality content faster, at lower cost.

Contact me at 778-869-3729 or by e-mail at [email protected] to learn how I can help with your documentation needs.